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Hello people, the guy you see above is an ordinary human being but with an extraordinary dream. Professionally he is a qualified Chartered Accountant who has demonstrated his skills of hardworking, innovation, never to die attitude by working as SAP FICO Consultant in Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai for around 3 years. He is fond of reading books and to promote reading habit amongst people, he had run a book sharing project at his office and his gym. Besides, he loves to travel, listen to music and even cook!

While enhancing the processes at one of the Fortune 500 MNC of the world, he learned the process to lead a happy life and how to live for his dreams. And with all the corporate learning and experience he started an import/export business and now when his business has taken a smooth path, he has taken a step further to give back to the fraternity which has given him immense respect and a medium to earn money and finance his dreams.

So, today he presents to you an online portal to provide services of a Chartered Accountant online. This is a prototype created fully by him with self-learning and he will be glad if you people reading out this right now use this portal to obtain CA services and share your feedback so that he and his fellow friends from CA fraternity can provide you better services in an innovative way. Trust him, believe in him and he will try his best to not to disappoint you.

You can write to him @ bookymca@hotmail.com with your feedback and suggestions.

Even criticisms are welcomed ;)